Ellenborough Falls

Ellenborough Falls is a stunning cliff-face waterfall situated in lovely forest in New South Wales. This waterfall is 200 metres tall which makes it the second highest waterfall of the southern hemisphere. This fall looks as beautiful as if it’s a piece of heaven. It’s a world class attraction and unlike many other tourist attractions it is free to visit.

The occasional rainfalls increase the beauty of this great sight. You can easily drive to Ellenborough Falls,  the road which is 8-10 kilometres before the car parking area is a little hairy but definitely worth the effort. There is a small car park which is very close to the fall. Almost 20 cars could be parked there.

Things to Do & See at Ellenborough Falls

Ellenborough Falls and surrounding trees
Image source: Russellstreet

There are 4 lookouts to experience the captivating view of the fall. You can choose any of the 4, depending on your fitness level. Near the parking area, are two viewing points. Both are at a distance of the short walk from each other. The third lookout has a timbered pathway, and is 10 minutes away from the first two lookouts. 

The fourth, and the most adventurous viewpoint comes after you take 641 steps down towards the base of the fall. If you look at the top, from this fourth viewpoint, the height of the cliff along with the water falling in rhythm will make you realise how small human beings can be. You will feel relaxed and astonished at the same time while looking at the scenic view.

Ellenborough Falls Eland New South Wales
Image source: Russellstreet

If you are an athletic person, you might want to go hiking there. The sloppy, yet easy, steps are all you could ever wish for while hiking. It’s easy to go down but walking back up is comparatively hard. 

Hiking in the morning would be a better choice as the site wouldn’t be crowded. While admiring the miraculous beauty of the site, you can have a picnic with your loved ones as most people do BBQ there using a wood fire. Tables and chairs are available. Best of all, pets are allowed. 

Moreover, there is a small café which sells refreshments like tea, pies, coffee, etc. You can visit the site in any season. However, there is vegetation near the steps due to which it is humid during summers. Apart from this, the forest floor is covered with bracken ferns which adds to the beauty of this place.

Directions to Ellenborough Falls

Ellenborough Falls
Image source: Belinda Perryman

If you’ve made up your mind to visit this alluring site, what’s left is the correct knowledge of the location and you’re good to go. From Port Macquarie, you have to drive west on Oxley Hwy through Wauchope. Turn left to Comboyne road, at a distance of 10 minutes West of Wauchope. 

Drive through Comboyne then travel to Wingham. Follow the signs, and you’ll reach Eland. Ellenborough Falls is on the other side of the Eland. The exact location is Ellenborough Falls Rd, Elands NSW 2429, Australia.

Attractions Near Ellenborough Falls

While visiting Eland, one would not want to miss the other attractions located in the same area. The Ellenborough Falls Kiosk, near Ellenborough Falls, is a piece of art. You should take 15-20 minutes to tick off this place from your list. The Tapin tops national park is also popular among tourists for its hypnotizing beauty. 

The greenery will leave you in awe, such is the beauty of this site. Another attraction is Tranquil Garden Nursery is also famous for its peaceful atmosphere. There are many pretty plants and cute animal which not only grabs the attention of the adults but children also love this place.